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so far we have YET to go

July 9, 2016



I must assume that we are not alone in this vast universe, and with that, I have come to ask myself what it is that these far away, hopefully more advanced civilizations must think when they evaluate us. As the human specie we must seem like one of the most underdeveloped, barbaric kind in the universe. 

That we, after thousands of years of evolution still cannot find the formula to peacefully coexist is truly an indicator of how little we have advanced and how underdeveloped we are. I have friends here from every part of the planet, and I know that what I will say will touch all of you, but regardless of your race (the word race in it by itself should be taken out of our dictionary), cultural background, social belief, history, color of your skin, religion or whatever classification you want to use we should be embarrassed that a large segment of those that form part of our specie still believe that power, racial divide, oppression, ethnic cleansing, violence, and spreading terror is the way. Are we really that dumb, that stupid, and that ignorant with egos so large, that we cannot find a common ground to exercise mutual respect, tolerance, appreciation and empathy, let stand communicate? Really?

This week was marked by violence all over the planet. It doesn’t matter what country you live in. We have a global epidemic or perhaps we just have not, or are simply unable to evolve. Or perhaps it will take yet another few centuries. But what will it take? So quick are we to point the finger, to blame, and some idiots, and I am sorry I know I will touch some of you, actually dear to bring in politics as the reason for how we act as a specie. Grown, educated men and women, who think in their hearts that power, divide, violence and destruction is the way to move our civilization forward should truly be jettisoned to an asylum on the moon or somewhere else in the galaxy. 

We all die. Some of us sooner than others, but we all die and we all go to the same place and therefore the question is what will we leave behind, what contribution will we make to move our civilization forward, beyond all this useless, violant destructive actions across the planet. I am truly ashamed to be called a human being this week. 

Yet, I fundamentally believe we can do better, but wow, we have a long way to go before we as humanity would even be considered developed enough to be part of something bigger, something grander in this universe. 

- Anthony DeLima