A collection of perspectives on different topics ranging from humanity's future, education, globalization, technology and other subject areas by Anthony DeLima

Collection of Perspectives by Anthony DeLima on a number of interesting topics.

About me

Writing about yourself is never easy. It's even more difficult when you realize that millions of people may read and comment about what you write. But, I thought this would be an important project, especially for my daughter who is presently five years old. I dedicate these pages to her and to my parents who still play a critical role in getting me to always move forward. Please realize that this is work in progress. Just as my life is still evolving, so too will these pages evolve over time. 

If you are trying to understand who I am, then give it up. We'll have to meet personally and chat for a few years to get that accomplished. However, at my core, I am a very simple person. I am an only child who has been blessed with parents who were married for 52 years. My father passed away in 2006 at the age of 82. A great man and a gentleman from an era that has long gone where agreements were made and honored through a mere handshake. My mother, is presently still alive and plays an important role in pushing me to always view any circumstance as a container filled with invaluable lessons. She's always been a key believer in maintaining a positive mind, which I try to pass along every day to my friends, family and professional relationships.

I grew up Curaçao which is an island in the Southeastern Caribbean and presently still forms part of the Dutch Kingdom. It's a great place to raise children. I often say that multiculturalism was invented in Curaçao where individuals from over 32 cultures live. I obtained my college-level education in the United States where I've lived for most of my life. I have travelled all across the world and have worked in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Canada and other places. There is no perfect nation. However, for me the U.S. is the greatest country on earth. Americans are also far from perfect, however in my opinion the U.S., today remains the nation that still provides the greatest opportunities for advancements, fairness and equality.

My intuition is probably my greatest guide, even though my thinking is based on logical reasoning and analytics. Probably a result of my academic background. I take measurable risks that yield measurable results. My direct reports, superiors, family and friends typically point out that I excel in dynamic environments while remaining pragmatic. I am a very direct. Some say I am too direct - still working on that. Integrity is a big deal for me and so is trust. I don't do well with people who like mental chess games or work in shadows. Frankly I think it's a great waste of time and shows a great lack of intellectual capacity.

Innovation is key to our future.  I've devoted my entire life to the field of technology and have no regrets. I encourage everyone to be as innovative as possible. But be prepared for some people to tell you that you’re crazy. People are great at throwing labels and criticisms around that are not rational nor relevant. Sometimes people will attempt to even break you for their own benefits. All I can tell you is don't change your vision of the future or what it is you want to achieve just because someone doesn't quite see things your way and more often than not, can't comprehend your views. Make a concerted effort to explain yourself but then move forward. Be prepared to take risks - you cannot survive without taking risks or simply you are a follower. That doesn't mean you take foolish risks. But have the courage to take risks, knowing full well that some will yield great results, while others might end up being not such great ideas. Realize, in the process that we cannot take anything with us and that for as far as we know, we live this life but once. Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.  While there is no evidence that Einstein actually made this statement; it’s still a great quote that I totally subscribe to.

To quote Bill Gates, it's fine to celebrate our successes but it's more important to heed the lessons of failure.  It's easy to talk about the great things we've accomplished in our lives and all our successes. But show me your scars and tell me how you overcame adversity. That to me is much more valuable. The real challenge of personal growth, be it mental, emotional or spiritual lies not with our successes but how we stand up when we get knocked down. Adversity introduces us to ourselves. How we handle being knocked down is what defines us - that is where the real personal growth takes place and that is where our real character shows.

Finally, I love spontaneity. We plan our lives every day. We live to a certain order. My suggestion is, break with tradition. Think and act out of the box, within reason of course. But embrace spontaneity. It's liberating.

These pages provide my perspective on a number of topics. I don't expect anyone to agree with these. But they are born out of my own experiences and lets call it 'roads less travelled'. I hope you enjoy this site and that it provides value to your own personal journey. I am always open to criticism. A contact page is also provided. 

Anthony DeLima